Chamois Buttr Her: 0.3oz Packet, POP Box of 75

Chamois Buttr Her: 0.3oz Packet, POP Box of 75 European Body Art Alcohol Based Makeup Remover - Vapore (2 oz)

Adaptable with POP 6 plus Universal and Box fit with a recommended phone dimension of mm wide and mm thickness Pushing the ratchet wings grips the phone tightly and to release the phone, just pull the small red lever underneath the body Front and rear holders secure the phone and keeps steady even while going downhill Fully adjustable height and ability to increase width with two types of nail wings included Phone angle can be angled 90 degrees without any tools Features an extendable lower arm to accomodate bigger smart phone screens Includes silicone band to keep your phone securely in place Lightweight aluminum fixed clamp Fits 32mm oversized handlebar or mm fatter seat post; Can also be installed on the drop-bar over the bar-tape.

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